ICMR-NIRTH, Jabalpur


Central Animal Facility


While studying on human subjects continuously there are various limitations including ethical issues.  Aiming the exploration of scientific curiosity and real time validation of the problems of tribal health, the NIRTH and ICMR thought of use of lab animals for research and developed a Central Animal Facility / In Vivo Research Facility admeasuring 20,000 sq.ft.  The CAF/IVRF is constructed to meet the compliance of CPCSEA, IBSC, MPPCB and other related safety norms as per various guidelines of national and international standards. The facility has the stock housing and experimental wings separately to work on small lab animals and insectary.  

Genetically and microbiologically defined quality animals will be maintained. Scientific research on lab animals include isolation and propagation of pathogens, preparation of immunoreagents, pathogen transmission studies, development of animal models, evaluation of ethnomedicines, pharmaco-kinetics, toxicology, preclinical vaccinology, etc.

3Rs principle as reduction, refinement and replacement will be followed.  In addition to these, 2Rs as reuse and rehabilitation concept would be considered wherever possible.   Best quality output is our mission by following quality management system.