ICMR-NIRTH, Jabalpur

Information Technology

Computers and telecommunications have revolutionized the processes of scientific health research. The consistent utilization of information technology has improved the health care efficiency in terms of accuracy and procedural correctness in laboratories. It increased administrative efficiencies and healthcare work processes and decreased paperwork and unproductive or idle work time. Further it extended real-time communications of health informatics among health care professionals. In the institute the  laboratory uses following equipments:

 Real Time PCR  Dengue , Influenza A H1N1  Diagnosis, serotyping of Dengue
 Inverted Fluorescent     Tissue culture cell, IFM Microscope with Digital Camera
Thermal Cycler Amplification  and detection  of  viruses  

Gel Electrophoresis & gel documentation system 

Visualisation of acid amplicons on agarose and polyacrylamide gels.
 ELISA Reader  Detection of Antigen/Antibody of Dengue, Chikungunya Hepatitis , TORCH,  Perform photometric research applications such as DNA, RNA and protein analysis
Biosaftey Cabinets   Influenza H1N1 sample collection and  processing, and PCR Master mix preparation
Refrigerated Centrifuge  High speed cold centrifugation up to 13000 RPM for analyzing liquid biological extracts.